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Jane Irvine

B.A. (Psych) B. Soc Wk
Psychotherapist and Counsellor
Perth, Western Australia

About Jane

Jane began her career in 1985. She has over 28 yrs of clinical experience and has worked in the government, non government and private sector. She is passionately committed to the psychological health and wellbeing of her clients.

Jane’s practice is informed by many years of post graduate Training which includes: Gestalt Therapy, Jungian Psychotherapy, Couples Counselling and Family Therapy, and a variety of focused Psychological Strategies including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

Alongside her diverse private practice, Jane lectures at Curtin University in Interpersonal Communication Skills, Counselling Individuals, and working with Families and Groups. She is also co-director of Couples Counselling Services WA which provides Workshops, Training, and Supervision to experienced Therapists and Counsellors.

When working with you as a client, Jane will focus on ensuring that you feel supported and validated in the unique experiences that you bring. She is clear that your choices, your timing and your agendas are her greatest priority and her core principles guarantee that you are met with the utmost respect. At the same time she is willing to challenge old ways, restricted thinking and rigid patterns of behaviour.

Jane is particularly adept at providing you with a safe space in which to explore new and effective ways of being with yourself, your loved ones or your work colleagues. She enjoys using humour, stories, experiments and demonstrations to assist you to gain the most from your sessions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Self esteem
  • Grief and Loss
  • Relationship Counselling/Working with Couples
  • Sexuality
  • Parenting
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Childhood Trauma/Sexual abuse
  • Reproductive and Fertility Issues
  • Assertion Skills training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Professional Supervision and Training

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